Main Campaign Setting

Welcome to Aetendal 

This world of high fantasy is filled with lost treasures, scheming villains, forgotten stories, an array of peoples, and now you!

We are focusing on the continenet of Uzas, in the North Central region of the world.


Uzas has large cities, and expansive wilds. What you decide to build, destroy, uncover, hide, save, or put in danger is up to you.

Uzas's Regions

The Cities

The cities of Uzas differ from region to region and kingdom to kingdom, however they all have one thing in common, the are a mashup of different races, with three exceptions.


Some of the commonly recognized landmarks of Uzas by region:

Namel Cove District Map


A ) Pelrora, Institute of Magics

B ) Last Fight Inn

C ) Adventurer's Guild: Murder Merchants Branch

You will be starting on the south shore of Uzas in the city of Namel cove.

Namel Cove was founded by the remaining Artificers, Spell Slingers, Wizards, Warlocks, Witches, and all other manner of magically inclined mortal folk gathered together to make a new home for themselves and any like them after the Three kindoms war. This city does not consider it or its sister cities, to be a 'Kingdom' they are a group of those who want to make sure All who live on these lands are free to be themselves and offer a 'middle ground' to help hash out conflicts that arise at the borders of the other kingdoms.

Excerpt from a tourist's leaflet: "Getting to know Uzas"